High quality

Steel pantry-kitchen surfaces are powder coated. Doors are double-walled, filled with polystyrene and have touch closure. Stainless steel panels are made of chrome nickel steel quality 18/10. Hobs and other electrical appliances are manufactured by leading name-brand manufacturers.

Durable and versatile

The big advantage of a steel pantry kitchen is that no material ageing takes place in contrast to wood, for example. This way, you will avoid problems caused by water damage, and the pantry kitchen will last a long time. It is consequently an extremely sustainable product. Our steel pantry kitchens are suitable for rental houses, container buildings, flats, hotels, the care sector, offices and other settings.

Exclusive kitchens - R-Two

Made in Holland

R-Two stands for high quality. We can guarantee this because the entire production process for our steel pantry kitchens takes place under our own management. We have many years of experience and craftsmanship in customised solutions and can therefore guarantee high quality.

The Netherlands is known for exporting products of high technological value (agriculture, cattle breeding, hydraulic engineering and metal industry). We can therefore fulfil wishes for all steel pantry kitchens in our factory. Standard white, other colours and stainless steel possible on a project basis. R-Two steel pantry kitchens are of the highest quality.